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I am the head of the Applied Data Analysis Laboratory at Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling (ICM), University of Warsaw (UW). My current research interests focus on (big and small) data analysis and on scholarly communication.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science from Polish Academy of Sciences. I have been working at ICM UW since 2002 as a researcher, analyst and/or software developer in numerous interdisciplinary projects. Through this, I have gained experience in areas as diverse as: mathematical modelling in science, code optimization on supercomputers, feasibility studies and development strategies for the air transport sector, numerical weather forecasting, semantic network analysis, phylogenetic trees, or sequence alignment in bioinformatics.

I am also an independent expert for Polish and European research funding agencies.

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My e-mail address is: l.bolikowski@icm.edu.pl. I tweet as @bolikowski (most tweets are related to data analysis and/or scholarly communication).

Snail mail address:

Dr. Łukasz Bolikowski
ICM, University of Warsaw
Prosta 69
00-838 Warsaw

How to get to my office: at Prosta 69, use the eastern entrance (facing Towarowa) and go to the second floor. I'm in room 221.

Office phone: +48 22 8749 419, office fax: +48 22 8749 115, Skype identifier: lukaszbolikowski_icm.


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